Saturday, September 10, 2016

AElfwyn Knighting Poem

To Mark the Elevation of AElfwyn Laganwuda into the Order of Chivalry
By THLaird Colyne Stewart, Sep AS 51 (2016)

Attend upon AElfwyn || axe-handed warrior
Woman of wolf-blood || winner of wars
Boar-branded carl || oft battled for high crown
Brought honour bright-handed || to kingdom and king
On hide-cloak or hilltop || at home or on far field
Faced she all foemen || who dared face her blade
For king she knelt truly || and bore his ring keenly
Like Beowulf boldly || battle-light taking
Gathered much mind-worth || which gladly she bore
Now earls erupt shouting || as high-king advances
Yell boldly her brave deeds || while beating on shields
Gracious gift-giving || king bands her arm brightly
Ring-giver right names her || as Ridda and cnicht

This was written to be read when Ælfwyn came out of her vigil to hold the field in a holmgang circle, but we were running late.